Jan 12, 2019

Introducing Appogram

Appogram is a new developer tool that helps you to create mobile applications in few hours. You just need to design your app in a drag and drop online studio and connect UI controls to your back-end web services. Then you will receive a QR code.  By scanning the QR code you will redirect to Google play store and Appogram will installs on your device then you will be joined to your Appo (Appogram application).
Appogram is a brand new developer tool for creating mobile applications with less effort / time / cost. Appogram can connect to back-end web-services and supports most of information system’s needs.

There are plenty of working software on the world that needs mobile user interactions but creating mobile applications is time consuming and has its own costs. The cost of creating a mobile app varies from development costs to maintenance and DevOps. There are many tools for shortening this path, but most of them does not fit to most of information system needs. Appogram is an online tool with a high level of customization, it supports web service binding and has a drag and drop design tool with a good documentation. It also manage the publishing activities and your will not get involve in release management and all are done in the platform. Appogram does not have any intervention in your app’s communication to your back-end server. You can easily secure your app with JSON Web Token and your own authentication provider. Appogram presents a wide range of controls from simple user input /form controls to GPS, barcode scanner to advanced data connected controls same as data lists, image lists, grids and charting controls.

Learning Appogram is easy, just visit https://appogram.io and sign up then start with one of tutorials in https://docs.appogram.io .

  1. I will demonstrate a bit more here.
  2.  Sign up to Appogram.
  3.  Create a new application.
  4. Select the default version. Appogram supports versioning so you can have a released one while working on multiple test versions.
  5. Drag & Drop controls on designer and set properties
  6. Easily connect controls to web services.

Appogram has a good documentation and you can learn it step by step, but you don’t need a lot time to learn it.
Appogram has a web service modeling tool with a fake data feature that help you in testing your application without any real backend.

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