Jan 12, 2019

Centralize all your organization mobile services

Nowadays organizations are working with many information systems. There is also a new trend for mobile applications and achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction is the biggest goal of any business. Creating mobile applications for organizations is an important strategy for IT departments. But an organizations may needs tens of mobile applications for supporting all aspects of the business from back office to customer facing parts. Investing in such a strategy is very expensive but there are some methods for solving this problem.
Appogram is a mobile application that helps you to create mobile services connected to organization backend with a simple and easy to learn online studio. With Appogram organizations can create mobile applications faster with lower cost of development and devops.
The story is simple: Organization IT department can design mobile application with an online grad & drop studio without any coding. They should just create some webs services for communication with legacy systems. Then the application is available with just a QR code scan. No Play Store publishing needed. Users of the application can scan the code and install Appogram on their devices, Appogram can join many applications created by the online studio and let the user communicate with organization services. The good part is that there is not a big limitation for developers and the result is very satisfactory for IT department, users and specially managers.
Updating an Appogram mobile application is very fast and automatic. Organizations can create a portfolio of mobile services for their internal/external users without spending much.

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