Jan 12, 2019

Appogram a new app builder

If you search “mobile app builder” in google, you will find tens of online and offline tools for creating mobile applications. Most of them are working like a CMS and create an online website for you with lots of limitations and give you a mobile application that you need to publish it on google play or app store.
Appogram is a powerful and flexible no coding drag and drop app builder that is very different with other options in the search result. Appogram is a developer tool with full web service support for integration with backend services. Appogram has a web service modeling tool with fake data features that help developers concentrate on their app design before creating backend services.
Appogram’s no coding approach is achieved by a well-designed component structure that makes no limitation for developers.
Appogram supports lots of form controls, Charts, grids, image lists, maps, data lists, buttons, http calls, authentication and more.
Learning Appogram is easy and there are good documents an tutorials for that.


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